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Open Letter - Brazil: Stoped by deep corruption in the government - The True Situation

The Brazil need make several changes to stop the theft of all your federal funds. The president Dilma Roussef denies de crisis that the country is living, suffering and crying for help! READ MORE:

#Corruption Lula and Dilma are destroying the Brazil - The people says - Pic by Saulo Valley
By Saulo Valley - The Observer of the World - Rio de Janeiro, 27 de Novembro de 2015 - 16:53 GMT-3

It is a intitutional corruption! The country is stoped by the low cash and the politicians each new day more rich. In fact we haven't a political person who can belive in true. In reality the entire country is going to collapse.

This special article of today is to show the truth to all world, because our government is telling lies about our real situation. The Brazil is a very rich nation. One of the most rich of the world, but the politics is stealing all our resources and sending to the international banks.

Since 2012 we are living in a very difficult situation, because the ruling party is like a gang. The national justice are trying to find white-collar bandits, but the Dilma government is a very difficult Mafia and protects the corrupt through decrees and laws created an emergency basis.

Widespread corruption and the country plunging into poverty as works overpriced empty government coffers for the works for the Olympic Games. The systematic increase in taxes (which were already the most high of the planet) and commercial oppression that is taking from individuals to multinational bankrupt. Petrobras, Vale do Rio Doce, the public and air transport companies are some of the stolen institutions, not to mention the public health and social insurance. Chaos and despair sown since the Fernando Collor de Melo election, Luis Inacio Lula and Dilma Roussef.

Brazil needs a miracle now not to fall into popular uprising. We are reaching the national limit.

The world must know.

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