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Libya: The truths and the lies about the death of rebel leader Abdel Youni

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, July 29, 2011 - 12:07.​m/2011/07/libia-as-verdades-e-​as-mentiras-sobre.html

In recent days many speculations have been raised about the division of the opposition and now about the truth surrounding the death of Major General Abdel Fatta Younis. In order to help the Libyan revolution, I set out to disseminate information based on the testimony of the leaders of the revolution in Benghazi, remembering that I followed the Libyan revolution since the first day and just do a little search on this blog to find all the information historical clash that was peaceful and became armed. Lies about the division of the opposition: Statements by the leadership of the Revolution of February 17 Warning: speculation about the division of the opposition's strategies are " pro-Gaddafi intelligence . " The Speculation is the division of command between the leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil and former military leader Martyr Abdel Fatta Younis. The revolution which today stands at the time of Abdel Hero's funeral, his nephew spoke to the crowd confirming that the family of the martyr hero's journey will follow along with the leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

Lies about betrayal

There is speculation about the involvement of Major General in cases of corruption and that he had been arrested on Wednesday at his home at night - said the Libyan intelligence is all a Lie .

A breach of confidentiality of Major Abdel phone reveals that at nine o'clock morning he was at home.

information that he had probably been "summoned" or "subpoenaed" to testify at being accused of crimes or corruption .... The Revolution of Libya said that "there is no such trial." They reported that somehow found the phone contact with Major General Abdel contacted him and was a presiding judge military crimes court that among the rebels. This was denounced as a strategy to remove him from his safety zone. The phone call came at 10:00. At 10:30 (local time) he made a call to warn his family that he had been called to go to Benghazi. Research believes that someone had an appointment with him at the gate in front of the brigade and will probably follow in another vehicle to the location where it was found: Wadi Qattara. This meeting place was intentional, to give the impression of something forged in the military sphere, denouncing the Revolution . It is true that many pro-Gaddafi deserted and joined the rebels and revolution thanks to God for it, demystifying the excuse that the rebels were betraying the revolution.

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